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Peakche Of Korea And The Origin Of Yamato Japan

In the wake of defeat by Chinese warlords and their Silla partners, Paekche was invited by Japan to abandon Korea, and forge a new one of their own choice. Because most of Paekche refugees were of royal descent, they assimilated into the noble families of Japan include the Emperor.

This Korean view of early Japanese history is rejected by Japanese academic who follow the myth that Japanese people arose from the south to civilize the barbarian race of Ainumushiri, who are thought to be invaders from the Amur River in Siberia by Japanese nationalists.

It is this theory that is closer to the history records of both China and Korea.

Thus, the only reason Japan thinks otherwise is to prevent Japanese people from realizing China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are one big happy family.


Paekche of Korea and the Origin of Yamato Japan:

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