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Update on the Quebec Student Protests

In Montreal last year. about 3 or 4 protesters were assaulted; one lost an eye. The police also broke bones while treating student protesters like animals with brute force.

This happened just because the student tuition was going to rise to $254 in seven years because as the former Liberal premier said, "students have to contribute to their tuition."

This would cost 10 cents more over the next seven years.

Since last May 2012, the Liberal gov't fell to the Parti Quebecois.

If the tuition offer by PQ goes through, students In Quebec will be paying $490 in the year 2019.

That would mean the cost of tuition would go up by 19 cents a day.

However, their approximately $2200 annual tuition is the lowest rate in the world for higher education at the post-secondary level.

In response, the radical left student organization CLASSE demanded free tuition.

One student leader, now a former CLASSE student organizer was sentenced to a year in jail recently.

He was arrested last year for violating an act in Quebec parliament that forbad protesters from blocking students not involved in the struggle to free their education from the corporate interests of the government.

I know that this may not make sense to students paying higher tuition. However, post-secondary education used to only be for rich people's kids in Quebec.

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