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Zen and Pure Land are the Middle Way

Here is proof that masters chant in addition to zazen:

Hannya Shingyo (the Heart Sutra) is a Zen Buddhist chant which Zen masters and their disciples chant as part of their daily practice. This sutra was used by the Japanese Zen Master Hakuin in place of the Chinese Ch'an practice of Buddha Recitation (Nian-fo). This was done mainly to avoid the ire of the established Japanese Buddhist hegemony who profited from being intercessors between Japanese people from all walks of life and Enlightenment.

Zen practice aids its practitioners to become dedicated Buddhist practice of mindfulness, meditation being as used like a tool to control the mind.

Were they to chant any one of the Pure Land Sutras with the Bodhi Mind (determination for Buddhahood and aspiration to be bodhisattvas), if they don't achieve samadhi or Nirvana in this life, then they shall become Buddha in the afterlife called Sukhavarti.

When Zen and Pure Land are practiced as one with dedication to all sentient beings, the Buddhist who follows this mindful practice is assured Buddhahood. When belief in ekayana (one path) results in a choice between Zen and Pure Land, the Buddhist may choose between the practice of self-power (the difficult path) and of other-power (the easy path).

Why not hedge all your bets and instead of becoming only self-powered, being self-powered and other-powered bodhisattvas? Self-power is reliance on your own efforts to achieve Nirvana while other-power is based on faith in Amida Buddha's Primal Vow for the sake of all sentient beings. Thus empowered, the Buddhist who practices for all sentient beings is like a bodhisattva.

Indeed, Zen and Pure Land together combine self-power with other-power as Bodhi Mind, both to achieve samadhi in this life and to attain Nirvana in the afterlife of the Pure Land.

When one believes he is destined for the Pure Land to become Buddha, it is neither an attachment for reward nor a cheat but liberation from suffering for all sentient beings.

For all sentient beings are Buddha just as samsara is Nirvana.

I sincerely believe that both aspiration to become a bodhisattva who helps all sentient beings and determination to attain Buddhahood in this manner free me of attachment to the purported reward of the Pure Land.

May all Buddhists be dedicated their practice for the sake of all sentient beings.

Hannya Shingyo:

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