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Birthdates are optional on Google Plus

Nobody can do evil with your birthday as such a personal piece of info is only different from someone else with the same birthday as per date and time.

Thus we have a unique birthdate one out of 1,314,900 times, and even then when it's refined down to milliseconds, that only refines it to one out of 79 million.

However because it's usually tied to your name for ID purposes, it's vital information for corporations, as is your postal code.

Personally I prefer password protection as in banking: the two items are password for online access to your account and a real word password when accessing a teller at the bank. However, this is easily hacked by standing in line and eavesdropping. It's hard to do man-in-the middle attacks since their IT department suggested HTTPS to be the only acceptable protocol to access their resources online. The ID thief would have to install a keylogger on your personal computer, and thus would also be a friend, a spouse, or your drinking partner.

Even so, personal information is subject to privacy laws, and violating a person's privacy is worth at least a year sentence with six month on probation with a lifetime ban on owning technology that can text or otherwise transmit human readable data.

As well, the BYOD (bring your own device) policy in my province (BC Canada) will allow Internet bullies to be created c/o the State.

Thus, the State is placing at risk another girl like AmandaTodd to be groomed by a pervert and Internet bully.

Stop ID theft and Internet bullying! Limit the use of smartphones to minors 16 years or older!


Internet troll and known online bully jailed for 41 months:

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