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My Experience With Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Ten days ago, I started the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) gum. This is a free, one-time supply of Thrive Gum consisting of three boxes, each containing 108 pieces of gum (324 pieces in total).

After obtaining the prescription number from the Quit Now website, I went down to the pharmacist to obtain it.

Once I received it, I knew that my craving for nicotine would be relived by using it. In each piece of gum is four milligrams of nicotine. My reasoning for choosing the four milligram dose was because I could keep my intake of two pieces of gum per day.

At a maximum of eight milligrams per day, it is enough to relieve the craving pf smoking, but not enough to get addicted to nicotine.

Since I had quit smoking three weeks before getting the prescription, I realize that following the suggested tapering schedule was not in my interest.

Over the ten days using the gum, I have maintained the eight milligram maximum by having the first dose after eating breakfast and the second dose a few hours after dinner.

Thus my plan is to use the NRT gum to maintain enough nicotine to benefit from the metabolite conitine, which has antidepressant properties.

The effect of nicotine itself is primarily stimulant, which improves mood, resulting in positive feelings of satisfaction.

Overall, I find Thrive NRT to be a safer alternative to smoking.

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