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Freedom Away from Technology

Although I admit to using technology a lot, both my PC and my smartphone, my time away from them, however brief, is a brief taste of freedom that I savor.

Even so, I still use my smartphone.

After the novelty of reading news on my smartphone wore off, I stopped using the news app, and the rare time I use it, I just scroll through the headlines until I find something interesting to read. Though, I've found that most news read in print I'd read a week earlier on my PC, not on my smartphone.

Mainly I use the smartphone as a phone, followed by taking pictures with the camera, and checking the weather and checking Google Plus for notifications.

Yet every time I am not using my PC or my smartphone, the freedom away from technology is worth every minute.

Away from technology I am free to feel the wind caressing my face, to watch the rain fall, and to hear the birds sing.

Without technology humility inspires me to protect the privacy of a moment's worth of freedom.

Then I return to my PC and smartphone renewed, to apply what I've learned about myself away in the time spent away from them.

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