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The 55th Step

How to be positive: use patience and love rather than complaining about how crappy life is for you.

Nobody cares but you, for that's an affliction called delusion, the ignorant craving for attention in a roomful of strangers. It's egocentricity to the core.

The world does not revolve around you or I or the other sentient beings out there in this world.

How do I know? I've walked farther of this journey called life with each step being a year: I have taken 54 steps, but stopped counting after the 12th.

Every step after the last seven steps have been steps leading to the joy found actually practicing Buddhism rather than remaining uncommitted.

One of the things about Buddhists is that they are honest, sometimes to the point that most people run away from the truth they say.

The truth is, this world is a world of birth, life and death. When we make death a taboo, this world becomes an endless cycle of birth and death.

When a Buddhist faces the King Death in the afterlife, knowing what to say to him, that shows that our training has freed us from fear.

She who goes through life ignorant of the tools that Buddhism could offer her to develop fearlessness and relieve her suffering truly is a sentient being.

For sentience means having a mind that suffers the delusion called permanence, or as the monotheists call it "the soul."

Buddhism helps the courageous to face their fears about birth, death and life by giving them tools to make the journey less unsettling than it is now.

Two of these tools are samatha and vipassana, that is, the meditation of the calm mind and the meditation to develop insight of the mind.

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