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30 Years After Fukushima Comes the Zombie Apocalypse (humor)

As long as America and Iran have this propaganda war, eventually it will not be Americans that will rule the world, or the Muslims, Nortth Korea and Syria.

Rather it will be cockroaches as they adapt to gamma irradiation.

Every human will expire not by nuclear war but from fallout from the ongoing Fukushima nuclear hell.

Additionally, when the thorium reactor becomes popular, gamma radiation will rise to the point of mutation.

Here's why: 232Thorium is irradiated by neutrons, forming 233Uranium and suddenly gamma ray emitters are produced!!!

The decay chain of 232U quickly yields strong gamma radiation emitters:
232U (α, 72 years)228Th (α, 1.9 year)224Ra (α, 3.6 day, 0.24 MeV)220Rn (α, 55 s, 0.54 MeV)216Po (α, 0.15 s)212Pb (β−, 10.64 h)212Bi (α, 61 s, 0.78 MeV)208Tl (β−, 3 m, 2.6 MeV)208Pb (stable)


This means gamma ray mutations.

And no, nobody turns into the Fantastic Four.

Actually it means everyone irradiated is destined to develop cancer 30 years from now.

So the starting point of this doomsday scenario is the Fukushima Earthquake.

Thirty years from now, there will be more people in their 80s than now. This means senile octogenarians with cancer will basically become the zombies of 2040.


PS Currently, the thorium reactor lobbtist wants us to use "safe" thorium.

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