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Diary 20130428 1645H: The OAPFILES Series 1 Episode 1

This is related to Doctor Who through the following lame joke that may only appeal to fellow Whovians, whenever you get it:

"Help! Silence has fallen and it can't get up!"

Obviously then it must be plenty old in its age, as most members of the Silence tend to be taller than I am, and bristling with energy.

Elderly members of these creatures, assisted by human members of the Silence, tend to lose their energy when underwater. Yet they appear not to drown.

It's unknown if they are related to the cracks in walls of the bedroom of Amelia Pond, who was captured as an adult by the shawdowy organization.

No, wait! That was the theme of Series 5 of Doctor Who.

As well, three years ago, Series 5 was on my shopping list when HMV closed its downtown Vancouver location. However, HMV is still popular in tony South Surrey, BC.

In the OAPFiles, I'll just peruse my sometimes foggy recollections of Doctor Who's 11th regeneration where some unnamed soothsayer in Pompeii goes unnoticed by the Doctor in his 10th regeneration. Or, did she?

If the soothsayer was turning into a Pyroville, then it's possible that she could have survived Vesuvius, though not as a human.

OK, there is no relationship whatsoever between the psychic cult member rendered psychic by inhaling fumes that are morphing her body into a Pyroville, one of a rock-based humanoid people from the planet Pyrovillia who convert humans into their own kind near volcanoes.

After reading about how Gillan and Freema_Agyeman go their roles, I could understand the reason for recycling actors who played small roles on Doctor Who: secrecy.

OK that's it for the first OAPFiles. Next time, I'm going to complain about something else in a very short blog about Doctor Who.


Karen Gillan as Soothsayer:
Soothsayer (The Fires of Pompeii:

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