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I have a Great Imagination (NWSF humor)

I see this as Britney Spears and her two bodyguards.

However it is a metaphor and I do not state this to cause embarrassment to Britney Spears but to demonstrate that a fan will see his favorite popstar even when it clearly really isn't her.

This is called a pseudo-hallucination when the person is aware that what he thinks is someone who looks like his favorite celebrity that he cannot distinguish fantasy from reality.

If it were a real hallucination I wouldn't be blogging it. I'd be hiding it, deleting it, etc.

If this post is deleted, then don't panic. Maybe I was afraid Britney Spears might sue me for defamation of character, when actually I am paying her a complement. heheh

Never forget that Madonna flaunted this kind of behavior as a decadent hedonist. >:)

Actually, I am not writing about Britney Spears and her two bodyguards or even about Madonna personally. I am actually exercising a harmless fantasy with mildly sexual content.

So there. :p

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