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The True Essence of Mindfulness (poem)

All sentient beings are in slumber,
dreaming the dream called "Ego",
lost in the fantasy of selfishness,
knowing only all concept of "me" and "mine."
Through shamatha, the mind is becalmed.
In this calm state of mind, who is it
that observes carefully each moment?
Thinking "I observe", we are asleep
and are caught in the dream of Ego.
When carefully observing the stream
of consciousness, all thought of "I"
is gone, gone, gone — all that is
left behind is Bodhi Mind, aspiring
for the samadhi of Awakened Mind.
For the Awakened Mind lacks Ego,
and this Egolessness is empty of Ego.
Awaken to Mindfulness, and truly see
the splendor of the Awakened Mind.
Let go of all concept of me and mine!
Be embraced by Emptiness —
Awakened Mind is Bodhi Mind,
Bodhi Mind is mindful only of Awakening.
Abide in Awakening, and be free to be.
For this is the true essence of Mindfulness.

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