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Seven Deadly Sins as Tools for State Control

Pornography is a tactic used as shock and awe tool by various agents contracted by the State to control the People.

Thus, the use of the Seven Deadly Sins propagandized by such agents, be it Church or State, is not surprising.

In this case, Lust is promoted in a target audience (mostly men between 19 and 49) through erotica. As well, sex is extracted from its association with Sin, the major tool the Church uses to control its members.

Freed from this guilt by association, sexuality becomes a label with buying and voting power, as long as no one objects to erotica yet denounces pornography.

For the difference between erotica and pornography is only made through carefully worded propaganda by the pro-erotica agents (writers and publishers of erotic works). Only the anti-pornography agents blur the line between the two forms of sexual expression.

One could only imagine how gluttony is used to control how women eat and how they view themselves.

Catholic Church Makes a Fortune in the German Porn Business:

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