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Congratulations LGE For Nexus 4 Award!

According to the buzz I'm reading, LGE scored an award for the Nexus 4.

Incidentally, the Nexus 4 is actually the superphone that Apple sued Samsung over since LGE is known to work in collaboration with Samsung back in Korea.

Since Samsung and Apple were in that court case, Samsung felt it was best to let LGE put out the Nexus 4 rather than actually losing to Apple over the E960 outdoing the iPhone 4 i.e. internal battery of 2100 mAh, quad-core cpu, and IPS.

Samsung's response after losing / winning the case was to put out lots of Samsung S IIIs, S 4's and improvements to the Ace and the Note. They're not even apologizing for putting out the Galaxy Gio. Instead, Samsung confirmed that the GIO does not have enough ram to support an upgrade beyond Gingerbread, except if you know how to put Cynogen mods in.

Congratulations to LGE for the Nexus 4 score!


LGE wins award in UK for Nexus 4:

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