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The Medicalization of Mental Illness

The reason why mental illness is medicalized is because mental health professionals get a cut of taxpayers' money to prevent what is essentially eccentricity from developing into psychopathology.

For the mental health profession is well known for causing certain forms of mental illness to worsen into psychopathology through the use of drugs and a lack of meaningful therapy.

Though, acceptance and a job are more therapeutic than drugs. Indeed, drug therapy arises out of the biopsychiatric model of mental illness, which verges on a pseudo-science as there is no medical test which verifies most mental illnesses.

Yet mental health professionals make a lot of money from treating people who used to be eccentric but now have evolved a psychopathology due to their (mis)treatment.

Is it any wonder that sometimes suicide seems the only option out of the stigma of mental illness?

Even so, it is imperative for each person to overcome their diagnosis out of the positive liberty of realizing their potential, whether through therapy and/or work.

With regard to mental illness, you are not your diagnosis.

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