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I'm the Face of the Working Poor

My wage is $2.50 more than the $10/hour minimum wage for BC Canada, which means I'm not even median. $16/hour is median.

However, my job is seasonal. To keep a roof over my head, I also get a monthly PWD Income Assistance similar to US SSI due to workplace injury in 2004.

That's about $740/month. Because my work is seasonal, it usually never is above $9600/year. As well, Social Services has me on the $9600/year season worker option. So far I've earned about $1200 as of June 2013. The best times are yet to come for me — July and August are ideal for concerts.

Oh, and if I worked a full-time job in my field, the stress would worsen the side effects of my work related injury which is a concussion. The side effects include insomnia leading to mania and risk of psychosis. There may be a risk for PTSD symptoms depending on the time I work (graveyard shifts cause hypervigilance).

What's my occupation? Security guard. Though my particular forté is crowd management. We're the security guards who are found at music concerts interacting with the crowd behind the security fence at stage front.

Our job is basically to ensure the safety and security of fans and their bands.

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