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Meditation on People Who Do Evil to Children

May all evil people that perpetuate evil upon children suffer as a result of the evil that they create, equal to the depth of their denials. The Hells has a special place for them.

Excluded are those people who have been caught and are sincerely filled with remorse, and readily admit to their wrong-doing. When they turn about and give up creating evil, dedicating themselves to perpetuating good on all people, their time in the Hells will be a brief reminder of what their afterlife might have been.

However, it is up to them to decide whether they wish to be reborn in the Realms of Desire or choose to be reborn in the Pure Land.

If the latter, then burning off evil karma is as simple as many utterings of the name of Amida Buddha.

Why would anyone choose to reincarnate in the Realms of Desire?

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