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Review: iPhone4 vs Nexus 4: Taking as Many Pictures as I can

This morning I decided to revert to the iPhone4 from the LGE Nexus 4 to check the iPhone's resolution once again.

It's on par with the Nexus 4 but might be better than the Samsung i757m (Galaxy HD LTE).

Samsung did a good job of contracting out to LGE on the Nexus 4. Its firmware, though, is programmed to focus first, which prevents the "snap as many pictures as I can using the button" mode of the iPhone. You can only get a limited version of this by selecting "Continuous" on the Nexus 4.

That is, if there is a "Continuous" mode for snapping as many pictures as I can on the Nexus 4. I've yet to try the panorama mode, which is more extensive.

The 360° panorama mode can be combined with the "hungry Planet" edit mode which is nifty.

However, the default panorama becomes humdrum after playing with the 360° panorama mode for a bit.

I'd have to buy an app to get these functions on the iPhone.

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