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Note to Mass Media: Stop Putting Amanda Bynes in a Bad Light

I object to the unflattering pictures of Amanda Bynes being used.

This is only manufacturing the fallacy that Amanda Bynes is in the midst of a meltdown.

As well, the articles attacking Bynes have very little verification from a third-party health official sound byte.

In short, mass media outlets are complicit in manufacturing the rumor that Bynes is not right in the head. All of it is just a careful ploy to peddle your paper based on your vile contempt for Amanda Bynes.

Mass media did the same thing to Amy Winehouse and recently, Justin Bieber. You're not publishing the truth anymore. You're just using bits and pieces of facts to perpetuate stigma against mental illness to profit from.

Shame on you!

According to Thomas Szasz, psychiatry actively obscures the difference between misbehavior and disease, in its quest to help or harm parties in conflicts. By calling certain people "diseased", psychiatry attempts to deny them responsibility as moral agents, in order to better control them.

Sadly though when mass media plays arm-chair psychiatry on celebrities, they manufacture the illusion that their target is mentally ill.

In essence, mass media is used as form of social control of not only celebrities but also society itself.

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