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I'm no Fan of Halloween and Michael Myers

In order to be a fan of the Halloween series, you would have to believe that psychic powers is a fact, that evil causes a human to live forever, and that a druid cult is the reason why Michael Myers killed his family members.

Truth is, psychic powers are fake. Good or evil may come of what a human being creates, and satanic cults cannot cause a child to kill his family from afar.

Ain't make believe fun? >:)

Seriously though, Halloween is not a credible source to base anyone's belief in good and evil. As for satanic cults, what the Halloween movie series is promote propaganda for impressionable minds.

Anyone who uses horror films to base their moral values in and believes in the supernatural only believes in an imaginary and undead avatar of evil, but that's not how evil works.

For evil may come of what a human being creates.

Belief in evil in the reified form of Michael Myers may make great horror, but to take it seriously as a fan may lead one to question the consensual reality and perhaps invent an abnormal one.

FWIW I find truth and a firm grip on reality a lot more fun than make believe.

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