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My Response to the Worst Islam-o-phobe Page on Facebook

This post is NWSF. You have been warned.

Today I got a tip for the worse Islam-o-phobe page on Facebook.

It's called "FUCK ISLAM AND EAT BACON". Just Google it.

Here's my 12-second sound-byte in response to "Doctor Benway" who runs the page with his EDL lackeys from Australia and the UK.

This guy has been deluged with hate mail from outraged liberals who never understand why he mocks Muslims.

He gets death threats from Muslims, too.

Here's an example of the hate mail he posts and his response:

Fuck Islam and Eat Bacon Malak Bazid Writes: You seriously believe all the things the media tries to make you believe? The media has obviously succeeded in playing tricks on you and your mind.
3 hours ago · Edited

Fuck Islam and Eat Bacon U THICK GORMLESS TWIT..U could be outwitted by a jar of Marshmallow Fluff...Educate yourself..Stop believing the fairy tales of the Quran..THINK 4urself..


FI&EP page on FB:

My response to the FI&EP page:

My final response to "Doctor Benway":

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