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Homegrown Terrorism Not Just Militant Islamic Terrorists

Militant Christianity is no different from militant Islam. The OKC bombing is one example that terrorism isn't exclusively Muslim.

If Joel's Army can be considered a Christian cult, then what is militant Islam but cultic?

While it can be said that Tamil Tigers was an example of Hindu militancy against State oppression by the Sri Lankan government, it was due to enforcement of Theravada Buddhism as state religion. This is an example where subtle State terrorism is proven to be the mother of all terrorism.

White supremacist terrorism was inspired by Waco, which has become a paramilitary organization due to the ideology of the church David Koresh took over at gunpoint. This too is a form of terrorism.

In Israel, Jewish militants are found among the Hasidic Jews, who are the reason why the Hamas are in West Bank. Strategically, Israel has called the militants "fellow Jews" and labelled the Hamas an extremely dangerous terrorist organization dedicated to wiping Israel off the maps.

After 9-11, mass media focused on militant Islamic terrorism and rarely compared it to the radical homegrown Christian terrorism in America. This includes the assassinations of abortion doctors by Christian militants.

It is these kinds of terrorists who are now ignored by mass media, to the point where they are deemed "mentally ill" and/or "probably on drugs" rather than as the terrorist they truly are.

In contrast, social activism that verges on terrorism is diabolized as domestic terrorism, when not one so-called "terrorist act" by such a group has killed a single person since 1999.

Joel's Army: the new face of militant Christian terrorism? :

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