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If I Were a Muslim, Divorce is the Only Time I Think of Fatwa

If I were a Muslim, divorce is the only time I think of fatwa:

If a woman divorces a man for justifiable cause, proven by three witnesses regardless of gender - a man's word is not enough - then a man who kills her wife for daring to divorce her ought not be let off by merely paying her family off. Even a rich kafir does so.

Likewise, a woman who divorces a man for justifiable cause should be allowed to a sum of money from the man's family, and that money be paid duly without trying to escape from the law, be it through other legal means or worse, violence.

It should be assumed that a women in the midst of divorce suddenly dies that most likely her husband or his kinsman murdered her until proven by testimony of three reliable witnesses - not from the husband's side - that such is not the case.

Bribery attempted to subvert justice in all such cases should result in the State declaring said bribe to be a "donation" to liberate women.

If I lived in a Muslim country, and word got out that I think these thoughts, my time on earth would be short.

However, I live in Canada, and radical Islam is akin to terrorism. For I am kafir. In English, it means "freedom from religious tyranny."

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