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Roughing It: Separating the Men From the Boys

I'm pretty sure roughing it while camping will separate the men from the boys, and the women from the girls.

The role of the men in roughing it is to hunt and kill wild game without a gun cos we'll need it later to protect ourselves from the bears, coyotes & wolves at night.

The role of the women is to gather edible fruit, nuts, and roots.

It's ok to use matches or a lighter tomake a fire but, it's supposed to last 3 days. This means each morning, a person is selected to restart the fire from the embers of last night. You may bring wood and an axe, and an organic firestarter (woodchips and wax).

One last thing, no toilet paper.

However, the men have to build the latrine. This is a one-foot hole to urinate and defecate into. Build it in such a way that no one falls in. The alternative is to pull pants down, out of the way and let nature call. You can either poop scoot or jump in the river to wash up.

Any questions?

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