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New Left and Addiction to Power (satire)

Over 10 years ago, the New Left certainly liked their recreational drug use.

If you become a drug abuser and abused your girlfriend or wife because of heavy abuse, then the New Left would accuse you of being a fake New Left party animal and label you a MAN guilty of domestic abuse, warning everyone in the party to stop sharing their party drugs with them.

This may include violent removal of said man ("eviction") from the former spouse's domicile.

The police will target you, and you could end up on Skid Row, sleeping in a homeless shelter, made homeless due to reverse domestic abuse.

This is is a true story for one member of the New Left. When he got into some bad drugs and abused his spouse, she complained to the New Left junta who feel entitled to saving the world.

So they outed him, and nobody cares what happened to him.

However, it may be true that that the New Left has a problem with addiction, especially addiction to power and control.

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