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Al-Qaeda are Actually Home-Grown Terrorists in Their Home Country

Both the war in Afghanistan and in Iraq are viewed by Muslims as a religious war, as they were originally viewed in Washington by then-president GW Bush.

Denying this is the privilege of the politically correct.

Yet as long as the Obama administration refuses to admit the religious side of this war on terrorism, they will only continue to be viewed by Muslims in the Middle East as oppressors, rather than as emancipators trying to bring democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq.

The freeing of al-Qaeda terrorists from Iraq prisons cannot be blamed on Iraq police, because the prisons they were housed in were not immune to attack as the attackers had at least one collaborator on the inside.

Yet at the same time, most of the al-Qaeda warriors in Syria are actually on the US payroll.

IMO the reason why al-Qaeda in Iraq were imprisoned had more to do with their refusal to be bribed by America to fight in its proxy war in Syria. It is also why America bombed Yemen, because Al-Qaeda there refuses to be a pawn in America's proxy wars in Libya, Egypt, and other parts of the Middle East.

Yet it is well know that al-Qaeda was originally trained by Pakistan ISI officials using US money through the CIA during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

It's not hard to conclude then that Chechen rebels in Russia might have been employed by a black-ops cell set up by the CIA to destabilize Russia.

However, it is more likely that the Chechens have a bone to pick with Moscow regarding their treatment by Russians in Chechyna and in Russia itself.

When you marginalize a minority be it Yemeni tribesmen in the clans not related to the one backing the Yemeni regime or Chechens in Russia, shit is bound to happen.

This is why Russia has Muslim terrorists: because of a racist policy regarding the Chechen including moving them to Siberia.

Originally, al-Qaeda are home-grown terrorists within their home countries, be it Chechen rebels, Iraq al-Qaeda,Yemen al-Qaeda or even Libyan al-Qaeda.

Yet America's problem with al-Qaeda is that not all of them are so easy to bribe. Yemen is proof of that.

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