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The Shaye Case Example of Danger of Reporting War on Terror

While America sends drones into Yemen to kill al-Qaeda members who won't go along with the current use of members in Syria, it tried to censor what the West knows of al-Qaeda through the journalism of Abdulelah Hader Shaye.

America did so by pressuring former Yemeni leader Saleh to keep Shaye in prison for five years, rather than pardoning him according to the will of the people of Yemen.

In doing so, America violates the sovereignty of Yemen.

Background: In late 2009, Yemen took credit for a botched assault on a village containing terrorists, killing women and children. In this assault, a Tomahawk missile was recovered, which meant a US warship shot the missile.

Shaye was the journalist that broke this story, which showed that the US forced the corrupt Saleh dictatorship to be the fall guy for its mistake.

Because Shaye wouldn't keep quiet about this, the US ask Yemen to force him into silence. Instead, the journalist went to a prominent Arab news media outlet to report it.

In 2010 he was arrested on trumped up charges and given five years in prison, so that the US could continue its mission to rid itself of al-Qaeda non-compliant to their use to fight wars for America.

Then after 3 years of pressure, the new Yemeni government released Shaye.


The Dangers of Reporting The "War on Terror":

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