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Safe Drinking for Women (satire)

In Japan though, there is is a safe venue where women can be encouraged to binge drink but never be raped.

It's called #hostclubs

We actually need a safe venue where women can drink until they drop but never risk rape because the men know it's bad for business.

That Western culture has no such place suggests to me that bars and clubs are unfit for women, regardless of what the promoters suggest.

Even so, the truth is, when intoxicated, a woman who consents to sex still is at risk to rape because inebriation means she is not competent to give consent.

In short it is rape even when she consents to sex while inebriated. That is what the law says.

What really needs to be taught is education geared towards men that being drunk gives them no right to have drunk sex with a willing partner, and that it is rape.

It needs to be stressed that being a rapist will ruin a man's life forever

This is why I feel that Western society has need for host clubs as a safe venue for women to get drunk by men hosts who know that safe drinking is good for business.

Western culture's lack of such venues shows how sexist bars and clubs actually are.

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