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Antisemitism and Islamophobia: Terror Twins of Inequity

It is the ability of Muslim leaders to spout anti-Zionist conspiracy theories which only leads to a gentle mocking of them that disturbs me about the New Antisemitism.

They must be desperate for votes from hardliners who would rather that a Caliphate arise than have to be humiliated by the reminder Israel always presents them as losers of a nation in founding due to the acts of America, the UK and France.

Rather than attract their brightest, all the Muslim world is doing is attracting the same kind of mindset that lost Hispania to the Catholics and increases Islamophobia in the West.

Antisemitism and Islamophobia are the twins of inequity in the world. If one cannot remain independent of both kinds of injustice, then their claim to fight for anti-globalism is tainted by their hypocrisy, especially if they only condemn far right antisemitism and Islamophobia.

The kind of Islamophobia we need to be aware of is when Muslim leaders are demonized and their people misrepresented as innocent victims.

Syria is a good case, as it is a proxy terrorism, and Assad is not the enemy, but rather it is actually al Qaeda. That America even thinks its support of the Free Syria Army is a good political move may be doubted in Congress.

I condemn any party that espouses violence. For that is the root of all terrorism, be it a revolution or police killing a mother with depression.

After all, state terrorism is the mother of all terrorism.

Is it one tiny state that practices state terrorism through what is purported to be Islamophobia while they call it a nation fighting for its existence? Is it Islam that breeds militant terrorism?

I say no to both questions, as the state terrorism practiced in the Middle East is predominantly by Muslim nations against its own people as well as the fact that militant terrorism among the Muslims still is punctuated by the silence of strict adherence to prayer at least five times a day.

I cannot see how the jihadis are allowed exemption from their duty as a Muslim to prayer, if they are. Yet how much time does that give devout Muslim militants to pray?

As for antisemitism, it is for naive anti-Zionists to pander among the far right militants. New Left antisemitism should be condemned to be just as vile as the far right rhetoric. Otherwise, it all becomes another Animal Farm confusion where outside observers cannot tell the difference between the left and the right.

Even though I self identify as a Buddhist anarchist, I refuse to ally with the Left or the Right. For my heart belongs to the People, not the State that dictates who is Left and who is Right.

If the People believes themselves to be Left but subscribe to the conspiracy theories of the Right, then they are sheep.

If they instead transcend the political spectrum, then as the People they truly are the voice of public opinion.

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