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I Am a Propagandist for None

For some strange reason I write more articles when I lose sleep. Then the next day I have to correct the spelling errors and fix the syntax.

Sometimes I even have to ensure two points are related to my underlying theme.

I tell you, this isn't online journalism. It is just an op-ed of contrariant politics.

It is great to be accused of spouting propaganda by a New Left activist by injecting criticism of the anti Iran and anti Assad propaganda that influenced American politicians to vote for more trade sanctions on Iran.

I am not pro Iran or pro Syria.

By supporting Kuwait and Saudi Arabia the POTUS is actually targeting a friend of Iran, Syria.

Maybe it's time for Bashar al-Assad to visit the UN.

As for me being a propagandist for Iran and Syria, I am a propagandist for none.

We need a balanced look at the Middle East situation. Obama nearly bombing Syria is proof that GW Bush's legacy is going to haunt us until the next terrorist attack.

Nairobi is just the Somali home grown terrorists vying for al Qaeda approval.

Nobody wants the Somalian gangsters to morph into terrorists because they are like new converts to the Salafi jihadi mafiya.

Pardon me. I meant to say "Islamic jihadi terrorists."

All I say is if the mass media thinks there's a civil war in Syria then its gonna be worse than Libya when the Free Syria Army wins.

It might piss off Israel.

I am more afraid the Israeli military will react with overkill, losing 1 soldiers for every 10 of Free Syrian Army and al Qaeda militia men.

So I am a propagandist of none,
And shall criticize everyone.

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