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The Pizza Hut Murder is a Hate Crime (satire)

Raicism is alive in Tennessee where a guy in the Army got busted for the Pizza Hut killing. Then another former army guy decided to get less time for his robbery of a store nearby way before the murders happened by lying about being at the scene of the crime.

Funny thing is, the murderer was the lone gunman and black. So he got life for killing four of his coworkers, all of whom were white.

Even funnier is the other guy was white, and got convicted and sent to jail for life as accessory for saying he was the getaway driver, even though he perjured himself.

We really need to prevent this kind of racism, because it isn't the usual white on black BS.

It's white lawyers versus blacks and their token whites. That kind of racism results in an innocent white man getting sentenced for life. His family is thanking God he got out of jail.

I thought Eminem was out there to prevent this kind of racism of poor white men who hang with their black buddies, and provide alibis.

Oh wait! Eminem is too rich to fit in such a crowd, just because that part of Tennessee is economically depressed.

FYI Google "pizza hut murder" for more information.

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