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To be Happy and Gay (satire)

In Western history, we have to go back to Byzantium when the Emperor proclaimed the mother of all future anti-homosexual edicts, which was aimed at keeping the Greek church free of homosexuality among bishops and priests,.whereas most of the flock were monogamous heterosexuals.

There were social penalties for being homosexual and powerless due to a misinterpretation of Biblical anecdotes.

It threatened the church because one gay couple == no new generation of tithe givers and reduced chance of property passing onto the Church.

However, nobody was homosexual at that time because everyone followed heteronormative behavior not because of Church propaganda but because there were less people living in those days.

As well, homosexuality only arises during times of plenty in world history. Sodom and Gomorrah were probably cities of splendor. Constantinople was a successful city with a population consisting of Romans, Greeks, and many nations from Albania to Zanzibar. Though homosexuality is a sexual pastime practised during times of plenty.

Therefore the edicts against it were due to abuses of power by the Greek clergy and the hypocrisy seen among the less affluent Christians, most of whom were heterosexual because they didn't have the means to become homosexual.

Today, all of Christendom is anti-gay for moral reasons, but give lip service to support of gay rights. By doing so, they indirectly influence right-zing radicals to commit hate crime against open displays of homosexual behavior while also condoning hate crime against women when the next quarterback of a Christian school gets his girfriend pregnant but she is punished while he gets the scholarship.

However, I do not write this article to criticize Christianity but to satirize one aspect of human behavior: our willingness to hate others just because they are different. I also showed that there are social benefits for homosexuality (zero population growth) and that homosexuality is prolific in times of plenty.

This is why homosexuality is repressed in the Middle East: most Muslim nations are kingdoms where wealth is controlled by elites based on their historical claim to power over the 99.9 percent, most of whom may live in poverty. Those in poverty should not be homosexual because of a moral code that highly esteems many sons and deems many daughters a tragedy. Thus, the anti-homosexual laws of the Middle East are complemented by what amounts to hate crime against gays and women.

I would have a field day attributing all of this to narcissism, considering how the Muslim boy lives in a world of entitlement and how the culture leads to such a lad feeling like he rules over all women, especially in light of the fact that sharia belittles the intelligence of women.

However, it is less offensive to mock Christianity for its anti-homosexual laws. Besides, the fact that sometimes Afghan men will abuse dogs to death in between abusing their women and engaging in covert pedophilia with boys on Thursdays is suppressed in the West because the roots of it is not in Arab culture but is the legacy of Alexander the Great. Since it is endemic in Afghan culture, but the West also inherited Greek culture, the truth is, heteronormative behavior is practiced due to poverty, be it economic or moral.

To be happy and gay in society today, one is merely trying to keep up with the Joneses.


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