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Boston Marathon Bombings Preventable (satire)

So, it turns out most world leaders have committed war crimes since 911. Putin committed it by going after the Chechens.

It is now common knowledge that Chechen militants are being aided by the CIA. However, Putin never says publicly that America is helping the Chechens. He just says that they are terrorists but America calls them freedom fighters.

It is possible that the CIA knew the Boston Bombers had gone militant along with their mother. However, they never acted to stop the bombings. The official word is that they didn't know the Marathon would be targeted.

The reason why I mention the CIA connection is because a male relative of the bombers married a CIA contractor's daughter.

My guess is, the CIA knew and passed on the info to the FBI but because the terrorists were not in the US, they didn't follow up in Chechnya.

So the Boston Marathon bombing was preventable.

This is not a failure of the CIA. Rather, it is a failure of the FBI to anticipate the Boston Marathon would be a target.

As well, it is because there are no Chechens helping the FBI that they didn't go to Chechnya to investigate. This is also why CIA need more Chechens to help them when visiting the small nation.

Now they have kept track of the mother of the bombers, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, because she has radicalized. Her accusations after the bombing hints at it. She denies the brothers played a role in the bombing but were set up by the FBI.

However, Tamerlan's interest in conspiracy theories fed her desire to have deeper spiritual connection with Islam as she and her son bought into the conspiracy that America set 911 up to get the world to hate Muslims.

The truth is, certain Gulf States (Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) fund the spread of Salafi ideology among conservative Muslims in Chechen and Dagestan, throughout the Caucasus region of Eastern Europe.

It is most likely Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a conspiracy theory militant rather than a home-grown Islamic militant. This would put him in league with the survivalists rather than the Islamists.

Therefore the FBI and DOJ are barking up the wrong tree.

Currently, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is being held on charges of committing the bombing. He has plead not guilty, having being talked into considering his arrest a conspiracy by the FBI to make Chechen Islamic radicalism as bad as the Salafi-inspired radicalism that motivates al-Qaeda and the global Islamic militancy of the Islamists.

If it is a conspiracy theory that 911 was the cause of Islamophobia, then Zubeidat is correct in that part of her ideology. It is likely that she blames the US government for the events leading to what happened on September 11, 2001, especially the ill-advised bombing of a pharmaceutical factory on Sudan by the US military. After that bombing, it turned out that the factory was never a bomb-making facility. In short, whoever gave them that idea probably assumed that the high security implied munitions rather than medication.

However, al-Qaeda is dead wrong about their rhetoric about that mistake since only a single night watchman died in the bombing, not the many lives lost implied by its leader.

In the case of 911, Zubeidat is wrong about America training the terrorists who brought down the Twin Towers in NYC and almost crashed a plane into the Pentagon. Training on jumbo jet simulators does not imply that the US facilitated their training. It only looks that way when you buy into a conspiracy theory that denies that the US government just routinely ignored intelligence shared by Germany due to the politics of the time.

I would also like to point out that the Bush administration never trusted the CIA before 911 as much as the Democrats obviously trust the intelligence community today.

So it should be interesting how Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's trial plays out, considering that he is hedging his bets on the US Constitution to help him avoid the death penalty or a life sentence for the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Just to play devil's advocate, I have an alternative conspiracy theory about the bombing in Massachusetts: both Tamerlan and Dzhokhar were influenced by their mother's conspiracy theory about 911, which she learned by discussing the conspiracy theory contained in books Tamerlan was given by a fellow conspiracy theory believer.

My theory is that the conspiracy theory believers about 911 being an inside job morphed into the Tsarnaev's version in which previous bigotry towards the Muslims inspired the US government to facilitate 911 and the Islamophobia which followed in the years after that horrible day was carefully manufactured by bigots among the religious right who support the Republicans.

For it is bigoted Christians with money and power who donate it to the Islamophobes because of their mutual hatred for Muslims.

Back when the Islamophobes were blaming Islam for 911, I pointed out to a few of them that Sayyid Qutb and the rise of Salafi Islam and Wahabbi ideology inspires the Muslim terrorists aligned with al-Qaeda.

However, Muslim fundamentalism such as Salafi and Wahabbi are not violent at all. Indeed, Sayyid Qutb wrote an anti-American book in Arabic which criticized American women, but was inspired by cultural tradition in Egypt in the 1950s that was even more conservative than America was back then.

Yet Qutb never participated in the Islamist revolution that lead to President Nasser's death after Israel won the war with Egypt. All he did was write a few books that inspired the militants. Indeed, his books later inspired al-Qaeda.

Today, it is Imam al-Sharif who inspires non-violence among former militants. This is how Indonesian and Malaysian Islam is less likely to produce terrorists since Mohammad specifically implied that a Muslim killing a Muslim requires an imam to question the killer until he regrets his sin of killing a fellow believer.

Thus, al Qaeda is not motivated by Mohammad but by ancient battles the early Muslims had to wage in order for Islam to survive in the Middle East, all of them glorified to the point of fanaticism. At that point, the jihadis have lost the greater jihad for the sake of glory fighting the holy war that the lesser jihad they choose inspires.

Even though most Muslims believe in jihad, the term "holy war" actually refers to the Buddhist metaphor about the warrior who kills a thousand enemies having lost the most important battle in a person life was, is and will always be with his ego, not another person.

If you lose that battle in your life, then it is like being a child playing with toys in a burning house. If you cannot find someone wiser than you to change your life around, then the rest of your life will be full of suffering.

For Muslims, Mohammad is wiser than the imams and mullahs. Indeed, he is wiser than the men who ignore the imam's judgement on sharia and put the less wiser choice of oppression against any group they think beneath them, be it women or even Jews. It seems that a Muslim who goes by Sharia and bases his violent ways on a wrong-minded interpretation of hadiths cannot even claim to understand the Koran that he has memorized.

Merely deeming other Muslims less bloodthirsty than them to be unbelievers is done by reason not by God's will. In short, militant ideology is not by God's will but by man's will alone.

Even Mohammad knew this. It is why he waited three years before marrying Aisha. It is also why he never led his people against the Christians.

When Muslims came to them, the Christian Arabs of Yemen left their homeland to become Ghassanids in Syria due to their steadfast belief in Jesus and their unwillingness to become apostate by becoming Muslims - because they feared the Hell that would result from converting to Islam.

Perhaps this is why the Islamophobes are so bigoted against all Muslims, and 911 justifies their hatred of them.

Thus, the Tsarnaevs are seen as this by the Islamophobes: a mother who fled America rather than face possible imprisonment for shoplifting and possibly reconciled with her husband, who left her because she was becoming too Americanized. After 911, she radicalizes not because of Islamist ideology but because of the well-founded belief that America hated Muslims since the US government first backed Israel.

All of the billions of dollars of aid the US government has given Israel only proves that America does not love the Muslims. Small wonder that the development of anti-American sentiments is still a national pastime in many Muslim nations which did not overthrow their Islamist leadership during Arab Spring back in 2011.

In conclusion, the Tsarnaev case must require Dzhokhar's parents to attend, because justice also must be served in Zubeidat's case. She too is a fugitive from American justice for her kleptomania, which suggests the likelihood of a character disturbance. The fact that she bought into a conspiracy theory might be proof of this.

However, she may not return to America because it is likely that she fears the stigma of mental illness even though she might call it an American tool of social control rather than a sincere desire to help the extremely nervous.

We will just have to wait and see how the trial turns out to find out.

As the one year anniversary approaches, this bombing has become the best false flag event ever. Indeed, it beats 9-11. In both cases, foreign powers warned DC about "mad bombers" with 9-11 being forewarned by Germany and the Boston Marathon bombing being forewarned by Russia.

When one looks at the Todashev case, one FBI agent is present with Todashev while the other agent was outside, keeping his friend away. Then after Todashev was shot circa 2326 PM, the agent escorts the friend to a restaurant further away. When the friend returns, Todashev's apartment is covered in police tape.

Judging from the evidence the FBI agents violated standard procedure:

Two agents must be present during any interview with a suspect. Having police with them is not standard. FBI likes to work alone without police because the latter tend to protect their turf, thus contaminating a scene.

This is thus an "assassination" to ensure that Todashev does not expose the Tsarnaev brother as what they are: tentative Muslim "extremists" groomed by agents provocateurs employed by the FBI. Thus, the verifiable evidence in mainstream media is a concocted cover to hide the "truth".

Could it have been a black ops by the CRAFT unit, some of whose members might have murdered a fellow agent that talked to much?

Original post: January 20, 2014 0318H PST


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