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The Evils of Capitalism (satire)

Islam would not have allowed capitalism to grow into the monstrous forms which are presently prevalent in the “civilized" West. The Islamic legislations-whether originally prescribed by Sharia or newly adopted to face new developments within the framework of Sharia-would not have allowed the capitalists to exploit the working people or suck their blood. Islam would have precluded all the evils of capitalism including colonization, war and the enslaving of people. — Mohammad Qutb, Islam: The Misunderstood Religion

Yet in Bahrain, the Shia workers are oppressed by the al-Khalifa dynasty whilst its leader sups with Queen Elizabeth. It's as though the Queen of England is unaware of how the working people of Bahrain and even Qatar are exploited by their Sunni overlords. In Saudi Arabia, one of the Saudi princes is a serial killer of pretty Saudi women who appear to be sex objects to savages.

However, were I a well-known journalist, Bahrain would sue me for libel. There might even be a fatwa on me by a Sunni cleric. However, I refuse to fault the religion of Islam. Rather, I fault the men of Islam who abandon the greater jihad of self control for the lesser jihad of holy war.

How does it make a Muslim man greater than an unbeliever if, despite being provided a wife, a servant and an animal, such a man beats his wife, his servant or his animal? Even the Prophet(as) never beat his camel, nor any of his wives. I have read of no such thing in the Quran, but if the hadiths or even Sharia allowed an exception, then it would be wrong to harm another sentient being, be it a woman, a servant or an animal.

As for another Muslim man, Mohammed (pbuh) he never harmed anyone in Mecca, before and after hijra, except to defend his right to freedom of religion and trade.

Today, the criminals pretending to be good Muslims are called Islamic terrorists, and even have imams to guide them, despite the fact that their Islam is harmful to unbelievers and more moderate Muslims. Yet political Islam is in a way sacrilege when it emphasizes holy war, for war itself suggests that Islam cannot help most men to master their desires and feelings.

Who truly is the loser than the average Muslim man is allowed to beat his wife, his servant or his animal?

If Islam were truly superior to other religions, then why is Mohammad's perfection not habitually emulated? It is surely not a good example for a Muslim man to be waging holy war in these latter days of postmodern life when most of the West is relatively peaceful.

I am not going to go on to rail against the pedophiles who are found among the criminals who hide behind Muhammad but it is sacrilege to abuse young boys and girls. Mohammad (pbuh) did not harm his first wife's slave boy and neither did his wife. Just because a child is mischievous is no reason to use the rod on that child. Isah (sa) warned people not to harm children, who being innocence of adulthood, are destined for heaven due to sudden death.

However, their parents will stand before the Fire while God Almighty shows them how they treated their children. Those parents who were just in their discipline of their children will get reprieve, but woe to any parents who has harmed their children!

Although I do not say any of this as a Muslim but as an apostate to Judeo-Christian religions and an unbeliever of Islam due to my Buddhist origins, none of what I write is more of using the idioms pertaining to Islam to help my Muslim brothers and sisters to widen their understanding of Islam.

For religious extremism is a threat to peace in the world. In America, though, 2.5 percent of all terrorism could be deemed Islamic. That's correct: 97.5 percent of terrorism on American soil was by non-Muslims, mainly Army of God anti-abortion terrorists.

Thus the Islamophobia of America is uncalled for because it would be Christian radicals who are more of a threat to national security than Islamic terrorists, followed by fringe Jewish Defense League terrorists.

The term "evils of capitalism" is bandied about by the Left and the Muslims. This term thus suggests that 911 was actually a precursor to Occupy Wall Street, a critique of globalism. I believe this to be true, rather than using the overused trope of Islamic terrorism.

What if terrorism is actually a warning sign that capitalism is off track? For this lust for money is but a root of all evil, be it miserliness, wars, and even pedophilia. Those criminal terrorists of the Moslem brand know this too, because their Sharia is a way of returning the Middle East to a time before Mohammed (pbuh) while pretending they wish to return to the glory days of Islamic conquest.

I see it as a tragedy, and the members of al-Qaeda are a bunch of men hoodwinked by a charlatan pretending to be an imam. Why, the man is barely a great surgeon! How good can his Islamic jurisprudence truly be?

Ultimately though, I am not a threat to the criminal terrorists. To them I am just an ignorant unbeliever. My words do not count as much before a mullah. Even so, I would fully embrace the evils of capitalism rather than become a Muslim because the criminal terrorists have sullied the name of Mohammed as much as those Islamophobes have.

And yet, the Muslims have all the right in the world to declare that there is no god greater than God.

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