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Dox for ProbablyOnion2, the Hacker who used SQL Injection to make the Leak of 36,000 users (satire)

Name: ProbablyOnion2

Parents: both dead

Location: possibly Stockton, CA; maybe Laval PQ

Age: might be under 19 or older. If both parents are dead, then might be older than 19. Who cares?

https://t dot co/kMKZdnFVPL (this is the 36k user dox. it is illegal to download


Harrasses almost every broadcaster on YouNow using Twitter after they give out their surnames.

Claim to fame: --- proof he is a high school student or ex student.

Suspected thief of 900 Social Insurance Numbers from CRA (the taxman) in Canada. --- Of course, I'm guessing. -- none of the links work here.

Opinion about hacker:

He's a newbie and a narcissist. The RCMP are tracking him now. Thankfully only a handful of Canadians were on that job website that got hacked.

In short, he's a grey hat hacker because of his harassment of Younow users, all of them who have heard of him.

His hacking skills consist of using Google to find names and addresses because of Younow broadcasters using their last names in their channels.

He also finds scripts to launch SQL injection hacks and might have found the Heartland OpenSSL exploitation script.

However, he is a minor and under the age of 19. Therefore his parents are criminally liable for his conduct. Wait, his parents are dead. He may be a ward of the state for PQ.

I'm guessing he's a lonely nerd with parents who died tragically. Pas mal, eh?

He might be a landed immigrant or born to landed immigrants.

Note: none of the above dox are verified. Therefore this is fair comment and might be useless.

Dear RCMP, please do not subpoena me since I do not know ProbablyOnion2. You do know satire, eh?

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