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Drama on Younow Dot Com (satire)

Before I start this post, I will caution the user not to attempt to behave like the participants in the recent drama which unfolded last night on Younow.

However, Younow broadcasters are well aware of the incident, and each of them knows the part that they played in the drama that unfolded.

Let me begin that stating that I had the (mis)fortune to meet a handle of the biggest attention whores on Younow of all ages, often young and seldomly old.

However, one Younow broadcaster who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent led me to express caution to her several times over the previous week. In response, she scolded me and expressed the sentiment that I should keep out of her business, though not explicitly.

As a result, I held back from offering unrequested advice, for fear that it would be ignored at the subject's peril. From what I had gleaned from listening to both side of this latest drama, it appears that the subject had gotten highly competitive in attaining first place in trending on Younow.

Indeed, competitiveness was greatly amplified by the subject's rivalry with several fellow members of Younow, to the point where said subject consistently harassed all rivals, despite my weak pleas to desist.

Ah, teenaged life! When one is 16, one is one's own boss and always in the right, even when one is most misguided in the quest for internet fame on Younow. This subject did harass a great many rivals, even though she advised me never to try it on my own.

Anyway, last night I observed the subject during broadcast after one rival had arrived and left the subject's incomplete phone number for the haters to begin the process of elimination in finding out the number. This was done out of spite, in response to harassment. However, it actually violates TOS on Younow.

Once the number was discovered, the subject was subject to either a phone call or a text message, but the sender forgot to preface his or her number with *67, in order to dial without listed their number. In response, the subject spammed that number in the broadcast — in violation of TOS.

Later on, another hater proceeded to called the subject at least eleven times, with the subject replying in strong words to the caller. In response, the hater went to a social media site and spammed the subject's phone number far and wide.

Eventually, a flood of text messages appeared on the subject's phone as a result with a plethora of hateful rhetoric contained in each message.

In the end, the subject was totally stressed out by the fact that few stalkers had arose to harass by text message, anonymously. The final word from the subject is that last night was the final broadcast forever due to confrontations with strangers as a result of the subject's harassment of a certain rival.

When I last checked the subject's profile on Younow, another fan had asked for a broadcast tonight. I know that there isn't going to be one because most of her rivals have confirmed her "demise" on Younow.

It's not my place to name name, but if Younow moderators want names of the subject and the rival who revealed the subject's partial phone number, then I will relay it to them.

However, the purpose of this article is not to reveal such information to people who have no idea Younow exists. Rather it is to state the following:

Last night, I had consistently warned the subject not to carry on with such confrontations, though I chose to use the code tag "#Karma" repeatedly as the drama began and later, when it got big and ugly.

I do not believe I was remiss in being subtle with the warnings because the subject had ignored my previous warning last week. Additionally, the subject is merely experiencing the fruits of her bad karma (confrontation and harassment of Younow rivals and haters).

Had the subject lived and let live, nobody would have divulged the subject's partial phone number nor would any of the drama occurred last night included text harassment and repeated voice calls of harassment. As well, the subject's phone would not have been deluged with text messages with the psycho hater who sicced her friends on the subject.

Thus this is drama of epic proportions, and I had seen it coming but my efforts to prevent it were in vain, because the subject ignored my unsought advice.

For the moral of this story is, "Never Facetime rivals and their collaborators, lest karma bite your ass. Cease from hating the haters and thus fighting with them, for you shall lose the good fight. Instead, love the haters and treat them with peace, love, unity and respect."

I retain the right not to divulge the identities of the guilty parties involved in this drama on Younow except with Younow moderators. Everything expressed in this article is based on my observations of the drama that unfolded over the past two weeks and culminated in the epic fallout last night.

I mean no harm in expressing myself in this article, for it is indeed an opportunity to wax satirically about how attention whores, haters, and the guilty are found among members of Younow.

It is sad but true realizing that it was like this when Amanda Todd discovered Blogtv, and it is still true today.


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Stephen Kawamoto said...

As well, recently a group of 12-year old girls supposedly stripped to trend in first place.

It took several minutes before the mods banned the account with that content, enough time for cappers to record and distribute the results.

Be prepared for karma to bite those girls' ass in the future, including pics from the caps being used to blackmail them.