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Data Clouds (satire)

After reading that the Chinese government said Ubuntu, Windows and Android are not safe, I went to Google "EU and computer security Ubuntu" to see what I could learn to confirm this.

According to what I found, UK's security branch says Ubuntu is secure, and the Dutch concur.

However, data stored on cloud servers is vulnerable to US Patriot Act. See this article for more information:

IMO the safety depends on the OS used.

Android is as safe as the smartphone owner wants it to be, without the complication of entering a throw-away password everytime I boot up my Linux PC. I don't rank securing my data on my smartphone as high as I do on my PC.

As for Windows, a weekly backup onto an external hard drive is recommend from the My Documents folder.

My security trick is I never save pictures I did not create unless it is related to a post on G+, and rely on G+ to store my photos safely. When Photos gets full, I look for the oldest pictures to back up. Sometimes I even purge old pictures if necessary.

Yes, I use G+ as backup for my photos. Drive could be used to archive the oldest album when I run out of space. Since Drive is a Google cloud, I consider it as a temporary file storage area to store these files until I need to store it on a flash drive or on CD-R or DVD-R disc.

However, I am not concerned because it's not full yet. Also, I can always start from scratch in the case of Google+ losing my pictures. That was the reason why I used G+ to backup my photos.

Of course, when I last upgraded my system in December, I used a partition I have created for the purpose to backup almost everything in my user directory. Currently that consists of about 25 MB on my current installation.

Now is the time to backup to format my backup partition and begin the long process of backing up my pictures.


Results for Googling "Eu and computer security ubuntu":

Chinese Government Says Ubuntu Windows and Android Are Not Safe; Launches New OS:

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