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Hey! CIA: You Caused 911! (satire)

According to rumor, without a shred of verifiable evidence, Obama's rise to power is seen as a CIA inside job.

Decades ago, the CIA stated in the past that the best way to overthrow a targeted nation is through use of American expressions of mainstream media such as music. It worked in the Soviet Union i.e. when American product was sold on the black market.

However, the US government is making mistakes in the Muslim world because of the tendency to create client states according to American foreign policy. During the Cold War, this meant protecting the world from Communism. Once the Cold War thawed out after 1991, the Soviet threat was no longer valid.

After 911, the new threat became Muslim insurgents in al Qaeda. Yet there was still rivalry between Russia and America. Daily, the American military industrial complex profits from turning Afghanistan and Iraq into client states.

Even so, anti-American protests in the Muslim world are justifiable in the Middle East. Ditto for Occupy Wallstreet.

Originally, the CIA trained the Mujahideen to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan circa 1989 as part of the Cold War. The US government had to pretend it had nothing to do with their training. They were CIA assets.

Rhetoric by America led to the Iraq-Kuwait War, which led to a US bases in Ridayh, Saudi Arabia, compromising its sovereignty. However, it peeved Osama bin Laden and other men in the leadership of al Qaeda that America had placed a military base on Arab soil.

This eventually led to 911.

In a sense, 911 was like America shooting itself in its own foot. Foreign intelligence sources were ignored by the America government. What could anyone do to America?

It is likely that US diplomat Barbara Bodine's spat with FBI agent John P O'Neill over the USS Cole investigation shows the politics played between the CIA, which viewed Yemen as an asset and the FBI, which viewed Yemen as full of terrorists.

In the months preceding 911, rivalry between the CIA, the FBI and the NSA led to communications problems with the White House. Various messages from German secret service indicating an imminent terrorist threat sent to the US government were ignored.

Then it happened: al Qaeda operatives hijacked three passenger jets. While one jet missed its target and crash-landed killing all aboard, this was due to a heroic effort by passengers to overcome the hijackers. However, it was the two jets that destroyed the Twin Towers that supposedly led to the invasion on Afghanistan and later, Iraq.

In 2008 the US Presidency was passed on from a Republican war-bird to a Democrat who represented a new hope for America and the world.

When Barack Obama won the election, Americans hoped things would change. America would get out of Afghanistan and Iraq, and both nations would become strong once more.

However, the invasion of Iraq led al Qaeda there. Once there, they began blowing up funerals, kidnap humanitarian personnel for ransom and sometimes execute them. As well, they would pay families for their disabled sons and daughter to use them as suicide bombers and blow them up by remote control.

Initially America's time in Iraq was successful as long as military personnel were kept on the ball. Any fatalities can be attributed to leaving an occupation force rather than a fully deployed army that is always on the alert. However, al Qaeda demanded a lot of the American forces.

Both Afghanistan and Iraq were won over by the US military through dialog and retraining of troops to deal with local customs and IEDs.

Of course, the stress of living in a war zone took its toll on people. In one case, a soldier cracked and murdered a family, acting like a serial killer. Yet the propaganda machine of America, its mainstream media, kept the details out of the news. By the time the world knew about it and the early embarrassment of Abu Ghraib, it was time to bring the troops home.

This happened before Obama was re-elected in 2012 and is continuing now.

With al Qaeda, America was not dealing with an enemy that plays by the rules. They had taken Salafi ideology and mixed it with rhetoric to glorify killing innocent people while claiming that any one who is an unbeliever is worth only of death and that only they are the true believers, and all other Muslims are akin to unbelievers and only worthy of death.

So the rumor goes.

This rumor is probably based in fact, unlike the rumor that the CIA caused 911 and the even more preposterous one that claims that America paid militants to fly two passenger jet into the Twin Towers and one jet into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Indeed this rumor is false and only conspiracy theorists will rant about it.

After Osama bin Laden was supposedly captured and killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, his body buried at sea, a few members of his leadership were later killed by drones and bombs sent by the Americans. Supposedly Osama was buried at sea to prevent violence at his funeral. This is not a rumor, and it is most likely true.

As well as bin Laden, a few of his leadership were assassinated over the years. Their deaths left a power vacuum.

In their place rose a man whose charisma could convince naive young men to become jihadis eager to kill in the name of Allah. He was leader of al-Jihad Organization which allied itself with al Qaeda. His name is Doctor al-Zawahiri. Currently it is said he is based somewhere in Iraq.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, after being captured and detained in prison in Cairo circa 1995, Dr. Sayyid Imam al-Sharif penned his book, Document for Guiding Jihad in Egypt and the World to help reform the imprisoned Islamist Group (IG) militants in 1997 and the al-Jihad Organization militants in 2007.

A former al-Jihad member from 1987-1993, Imam al-Sharif wrote his book while in prison circa 1995 as his way of revising his militant Islamism into a somewhat gentler Salafi ideology that gave up violence.

After IG reformed it help lead al-Jihad to reform too. However, there are a few men who still keep in contact with al-Qaeda, and is it likely not all of al-Jihad will reform. The radical members of al-Jihad still pose a potential threat to the Muslim world. It is likely some of them have joined al Qaeda or have formed their own terrorist cells in Egypt and possibly elsewhere.

The de-radicalization that happened in 2007 in Egypt has spread to "Algerian, Saudi, Yemeni, Jordanian, Tajik, Malaysian, and Indonesian armed Islamist movements, factions and individuals", according to De-Radicalization of Jihad? The Impact of Egyptian Islamist Revisionists on Al-Qaeda
by Omar Ashour.

It is quite likely deradicalization may have led to Arab Spring. However, not all of its participants have been associated with militants.

In Bahrain's case, the 15 protesters arrested after participating in protests in 2011 were given prison sentences. However, they are no terrorists. Rather they were part of a minority of the Shi'a middle class who work under Sunni and Shi'a employers in the service, computer and other industries. As well, Bahrain is run by the Sunni al-Khalifa dynasty, which dates back to 1783.

Arab Spring in Bahrain began in May 2011 and lasted for about a year. It seems that the last incident which might be related to Arab Spring involved four Bahraini men who tweeted a message in December 2012 that appeared to insult King al-Khalifa.

In contrast, Arab Spring in Syria evolved into an on-going three way war that began in March 2011 between Bashar al-Assad's Syrian government forces versus the Free Syrian Army (FSA) which is controlled by the Syrian National Council currently based in Turkey.

In December 2012, Brigadier General Salim Idris took over control of FSA from Riad al-Asaad who had formed the FSA in August 2011. Free Syrian Army formed in reaction to military hardliners in the government army trying to summarily execute Syrian soldier who refused to shoot civilians. The FSA is composed of former soldiers who defect to defend the people of Syria.

Currently two-thirds of FSA are Muslim Brotherhood (Sunni), and the rest are Christians and mainly Kurds.

Originally founded in 2011, Syrian National Council makes up 22 seats of the Syrian National Coalition which was founded in November 2012. Approximately two-thirds of SNC are Muslim Brotherhood, which will be represented in the Syrian Interim Government.

Looking at the list of 20 nations recognizing the Syrian National Coalition, I was surprised not to see Canada on the list. It is unknown what ties Canada has to the government of al-Assad before September 2011 but is currently sanctioning Syria. Canada is also supporting covert war efforts and also funding an al Qaeda affiliate. Indeed, Canada may be complicit in war crimes in Syria by helping to found the Friends of Syria Group (FSG),

While stating that its end goals were “to support the struggle of the Syrian people for freedom, equal citizenship and democracy”6, the practical purpose of the FSG was to launch a covert war against the sovereign state of Syria by recruiting, arming, funding, infiltrating, and supporting an army of up to 120,000 mercenaries to fight inside Syria for regime change. To that end, a division of labour was established at that founding conference. The deep pockets of the Qatari and Saudi Arabian monarchies were to fund the operation. The front-line states of Turkey and Jordan were to provide base and training camps for the mercenaries, safe (although illegal) passage into Syria, as well as services for the inevitable flood of Syrian refugees.

In essence, this is how Canada's Harper Government is supporting covert war.

It also turns out that Mohamed Dirie, one of the convicted Toronto 18 (read supposed home-grown terrorist) was one of the 100 Canadian Muslims sent as a mercenary to fight again the al-Assad regime.

Canada is also complicit in anti-Assad propaganda such as making "statements castigating the Syrian president and government, meeting representatives of the foreign-backed opposition, closing the Syrian embassy and breaking off of diplomatic relations and blaming the Assad government for the August 2013 chemical weapons incident.

Here is the propaganda Foreign Minister of Canada Hon. John Baird said on December 17, 2011:
"As you know, the Government of Canada has reacted with a strong condemnation of Assad’s campaign of terror.

"These sanctions, in concert with those of our international partners, have isolated the regime and are having a noticeable impact.

"The measures we put in place are not meant to bring further hardship to the Syrian people but to send a message to Assad and his thugs that their actions are absolutely unacceptable. Canada supports the efforts of all peoples to secure basic freedoms, and we look toward the horizon to a new Syria, one that lives in peace with its neighbours and respects the rights of its people.

"Pressure on the Assad regime is not coming just from the West. We have seen Syria’s neighbours and former partners in the Arab League take a strong and commendable stand by formally suspending Syria from the Arab League and imposing tough sanctions on the country. The writing on the wall could not be more clear. The Assad regime has lost all legitimacy and its abhorrent behaviour will not be tolerated."

Most likely, the Houla Massacre on May 25, 2012 was committed by covert mercenaries associated with al Qaeda militants.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL and also called Daesh among Arab League members) is fighting with the Syrian government and the Syrian Free Army (Shi'a). The al Nusra Front (Sunni) - deployed by al Qaeda to Srya - is most likely fighting the government. However, it may also be fighting against ISIL too. Both of these Sunni militias are seeking to carve out small Sharia areas in Syria.

100 fighters from Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham brigade were shot dead by other al-Qaeda militants on or before January 18.

Some of the armed groups in Syria appear to be depending on Captagon, an illegal stimulant. They now have illegal drug labs making the drug.

I'm not sure what this means, but the drug is seen to be safer than amphetamines. Also known as fenethylline, the drug "is metabolized by the body to form two drugs amphetamine (24.5% of oral dose) and theophylline (13.7% of oral dose), both of which are active stimulants".

It is most likely Captagon tablets in Syria are a combination of fenethylline and other amphetamines. In the future, FSA may trade captagon for weapons and munitions.

Original post: June 4, 2013 4:34 PM


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