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Natural Highs Through Meditation Versus Chanting (satire)

Natural highs occur all the time, be it from exercise like jogging or even viewing art.

I am at this point in my meditation where even taking photos and posting them on GooglePlus gives me a brief high, which is safer than drugs but even more addicting due to the fact that nobody has ever died from taking pictures and posting them on-line.

Getting high requires no drugs, just the ability to breath deeply and hold it for 15 seconds and report for 15 minutes a day. To get good at it, read the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Also, invest in a samatha-vipassana meditation retreat when you can afford it. It beats going to the bar on Friday and waking up to a hangover Sunday.

Of course, that is the hard way of achieving a natural high. However, it will prepare your mind for the easy way of chanting.

For the easy method is to chant along with those quaint chants on YouTube with the dharani of the Buddhas when sober. In my case, I chant the Nembutsu for all sentient beings. It's called Yuzu Nembutsu.

As well there is the chant associated with the Lotus Sutra and promoted by Nichiren (Namyo rengé kyo)

Why, last night, I had to stop chanting because it made me sleepy, which is actually a natural high too.

For all getting high means is changing consciousness. However, I recommend chanting while sober.

For drugs are a dangerous shortcuts for potentially suicidal people. Like the young people I follow on twitter always tweet after someone tweets their bad trip, "Mm-mm. Drugs are bad."

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