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Stress Relief Without Medication (satire)

Within the past week, I had this dream when it became clear to me that refined sugar is the probable cause of my nicotine addiction. As a result of that dream, I decided to research lysine and arginine over the past two days.

Here is what I have learned:

Both amino acids help reduce inflammation, improves the immune system, promotes healing of wounds, and treats anxiety without the side effects of medications that treat those four conditions.

Indeed, the stress relief found by daily supplementation of both arginine and lysine is noted in the trial involving 108 Japanese test subjects. This trial validates the fourth condition listed (relief of anxiety).

Lysine also is important to bone health and calcium metabolism, working synergistically with Vitamins D and K, calcium, magnesium and boron. In contrast, arginine is also helpful in maintenance of cardiovascular health through its effect on nitrogen oxide.

Consequently, both amino acids should help reduce the subjective impression of stress in a person's life without resorting to more powerful neuropsychiatric medications such as tranquilizers (benzodiazepines), SSRIs (antidepressants) and related medications.

In another medical trial, 29 subjects were dosed with 3 grams each of arginine and lysine for ten days. Then they were exposed to stress similar to that experienced in public speaking.

The trial results support the notion that the daily use of L-lysine combined with L-arginine may relieve anxiety and modify hormonal responses during psychosocial stress in people.

This is why I am confident that daily use of both arginine and lysine supplements will help reduce anxiety from stress. In doing so, my cold turkey remedy for nicotine addiction would benefit from the addition of both amino acids to my daily supplement regimen.

In due time, my adaptability to stress will increase and all anxiety will be too brief to be noticeable. Already am I feeling the change due to moderation of anxiety caused by taking arginine and lysine.

One side effect that I have noticed after having consumed 2 grams of both amino acids is relaxation to the point of sleepiness. This is supposed to be due to lysine acting on serotonin (5HTP4) receptors. Though I cannot discount normal fatigue, it has only been 10 hours since I rose from sleep.

Even after 4 hours sitting in front of the computer does not stress me out. So it is definitely worth the money spent on arginine and lysine supplementation.

As well, lysine can reverse the progression of autoimmune disease while arginine can actually improve a heart attack survivor's chance of recovery. Autoimmune disease may be due to herpes virus.

Additionally, a 5+ grams of lysine can help get over the "24-hour influenza" caused by overwork and stress-induced consumption of tobacco.

Disclaimer: this is not a product endorsement of arginine and lysine supplementation since the regular consumption of chicken and fish along with nuts (almonds, cashews, and other nuts) will supplement your daily needs of both amino acids. Note: you will have to eat a lot more nuts and soya protein to maintain high levels of both lysine and arginine on a vegan diet. This means that you must exercise vigorously at least three times a week for at least two hours, enough to break a healthy sweat. Otherwise, the nitrogen load of that much protein will harm your kidneys and liver.


Originally written on Jan 28, 2014 at 4:53 AM


Oral treatment with L-lysine and L-arginine reduces anxiety and basal cortisol levels in healthy humans.

Subchronic treatment with amino acid mixture of L-lysine and L-arginine modifies neuroendocrine activation during psychosocial stress in subjects with high trait anxiety.



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