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Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is the unborn love awaiting a person's existence to manifest itself.

To love is to care for, to die for, and to live for other people regardless of being strangers.

To love unconditionally is to love without conditions attached to that Love.

Rather than saying "I love you", I say "I love the world." Instead of saying "I do it for myself," I say "I do it for everyone, including myself."

Thus is the ideal of unconditional love manifested. Anyone can care for their mother and father. Yet he who knows of God knows of His unconditional love for us all.

Such a Love as this was manifested when Jesus Christ died on the cross for all our sins.

It continues today with the rise of secularism as a challenge to God-fearing people to turn the other cheek when the spiritually ignorant atheists cherry pick quotes from the Bible that challenge the Christian worldview of a loving God.

Indeed, what right do the ignorant masses have to misrepresent Christianity? Free speech allows each of us to question the doctrines of both the Protestant and Catholic churches. They do not give each of us the right to harass believers in a vain attempt to prove religion is for weaklings.

For religion is not for the weak willed, because they shall soon find themselves choosing between mannah and God. Rather, religion is for the strong stomach, because there shall be challenges to one's faith in life.

At the root of these challenges is a lack of faith of the atheists. It makes me wonder what they truly have faith in.

What good is a life in which lack of faith is one's guide? Without faith, are they truly free?

However, even the atheists have their beliefs. I know not what they believe in, but have faith that they do believe, for they are human too.

As for faith, just as I have faith that God is merciful, I hope that the unbelievers have faith in whatever they worship, be it Pikachu or Captain Kirk or even science.

Throughout all of this, I also hope that unconditional love, in its myriad forms, is known to both the believer and the unbeliever. Though I do not know how such a Love would manifest among the unbelievers, I know that Love manifests in the form of the Christ for all Christendom.

For I have faith that unconditional love exists, and that it empowers me to act within the limits of my faith in God.

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