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Fear of the Devil == diabolism == un-Christian

In a way, it's sacrilege for Christians, Jews and Muslims to claim the soul is immortal, which is a neo-Pagan concept.

By adding this layer of syncretism to dogma ("the soul is immortal"), along with the "Jesus is God incarnate" dogma, Christianity becomes nothing more than holy book that does not make sense apart from the sinners in the Old Testament and the matyrdoms of the New.
And when outsiders try to make sense of the Bible, the Christian snatches away, crying "You cannot add a new chapter to this Book; it's forbidden!"

About this "devil" and "satan" nonsense that mass media is utterly false. Jesus bound satan 1980 years ago, and the end of days have yet to arrive, because after end of days, satan is unbound for 1000 days/years.

Finally, I strongly object to telling everyone satan lives.

Dude, you're a Christian, and instilling fear of the devil is doing nothing more but explaining anything a Christian believes is immoral and sinful like enjoyable sex between consenting adults is actually a form of diabolism.

That's right: when someone puts the fear of the devil into another Christian's heart, all you are also doing is instilling a fearful respect for the devil while having a fearful respect for Jesus who is in Deity with God.

Is it not time to instill a stronger fear and respect of God?

For it is quite un-Christian to fear the devil, lest your fear distract you from God. It is thus best to fear only God and laugh at the devil. If we Christians believe God exists, then the existence of the devil is not debatable.

However, it is best to think of such a creature as so totally lost as to be shrouded in darkness.

How foolish are the satanists! For he who thinks satan will do you good, has everything backwards. Nowhere in the Bible does it say "fear your false Lord, Lucifer."

Indeed, the worship of satan is a lie that satanists let their egos get the best of them, and reject humility.

By encouraging a fear of the devil in God-fearing Christians, I wonder how this reassures any Christian that God ought not be feared. As long as the fiction that evil totally corrupts the soul which was made by God is prevalent, there is no belief in redemption.

Sadly then, if this is doctrine in the Roman Catholic Church, then it is why child abuse is rampant. For the scapegoating of evil for the folly of the good is commonplace in the Church.

Since the soul was created by God, all evil can do is cover it in the darkness of spiritual ignorance. This make it possible to redeem the lost soul, for evil — as well as good — is impermanent. It can be removed by doing good, even though such right action is ridiculed as old-fashioned.

Even though diabolism is un-Christian, it cannot tarnish the soul. For proof that this is so, I endorse anyone to search for anecdotes about a biker who gave up satanism for Jesus. His story will astound you.

Finally, although it may be the work of ignorant Christians to endorse the fear of the devil in order to win them over to the Christian side, it might instead lead to a superstitious fear of the devil, which is somehow counteracted by love for God.

If this love of God is too superstitious, then it may lead to inner conflict between ignorance and Enlightenment. Would it not then be better to inculcate love of God and be done with encouraging a subtle diabolism to arise inadvertently?

Indeed, the fear and respect of God is better for the soul than the unbelief that arises from fear of the devil.

Originally posted on Feb 12, 2013 at 0826H


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