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Post-modern Reality is a Dream World (satire)

Mainstream media is full of the modern-day equivalent of myths and superstition e.g. Zionists rule the world. Popular culture is probably a modern paganism e.g. the worship of celebrities. Even science is worshipped, as are certain politician e.g. Chomsky and Sagan.

This is what I call secular religionism. Not even are free of this because no one is immune to belief and faith.

Without belief, we doubt reality. Without faith, we are nothing but pathetic creatures. Hence the rise in sales of antidepressant after 9-11 is because a tragedy destroys our faith in the reality of our own making ("America is invincible").

Even atheists are not immune to this ability of the human mind to create an inner narrative in a desperate attempt to adapt to the rapidly changing physical reality of our existence.

Why else do they rail against religionists of the Abrahamic faith (Judaism, Christianity and Islam)? Why else do they not even have the patience to sit with religionists to cobble together a code of conduct?

Perhaps a few atheists and religionists are so fucking smart that they are this close to being crazy. For genius may be the positive side of madness.

Often they do not make sense to me e.g. "the more often you insist the truth is real, the most likely it may be a lie." This kind of fallacy implies that truth tellers are liars and covert sociopaths. That would depend on whether a truth teller is willing to do anything to expose the lies which help maintain the dreamworld of modern existence.

One of the biggest examples of this sociopathy that makes up the reality of life is the Amanda Todd story. Mainstream media is pimping the fantasy that an online stalker is the cause of Amanda's death by suicide when, in actual fact, it was the loss of mother love that led to her untimely death.

So I urge the truth tellers to expose the lies about the suicides of other girls like Amanda Todd. In each related case, there are clues pointing to mental illness like depression and even bipolar disorder. In a recent rape case that resulted in the girl's suicide, she was a willing participant in seuxal activity.

However, the boys who posted the video to the Internet are nothing but pornographers and online bullies. Likewise, the online bullies of Amanda Todd used to be her best friends.

I doubt anyone would believe what I have written in this post. Indeed, I insist that you research the Amanda Todd case instead of falling for the propaganda the mainstream media is feeding you. To help you, the tags attached to this post will point you in the right direction.

If, on the other hand, you believe I am lying, then it is because nobody can handle the truth, not even you.

Deal with it.

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