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War by AI Avatars Possible in 100+ Years (satire)

50 years from now, we will have AI avatars that play games with us and become almost like us.

100 years from now, cyber warfare takes the battlefield onto the Internet.

No war in reality because only 985,124,154 people are left after the Famine of 2113 due to Monsanto's improved GMO grain program circa 2065 caused massive starvation due to diarrhea, which caused dehydration and malnutrition. Monsanto blamed global warming which caused drought throughout the southwest and the southern US.

After the Famine, the people left (mostly government employees and a handful of Democrats - all of the GOP died in the Food Riot of 2110 because the People blamed them for owning shares in Monsanto) decided that there would be no more wars and that all wars must be fought by proxy.

In 2250, the first AI avatar was downloaded into a robot designed to replace police and military.

Which Sci Fi show am I talking about? Is it pertinent to news that tomorrow's games are only preparing for End of Days? Only when AI research goes beyond bots.

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