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Are You A Chronic Alcoholic? (satire)

Attention booze lovers! Whether you answer yes or no really makes no difference, for alcoholism consists of a set of behaviors that range from acute to chronic.

If you love booze so much, this is what awaits the chronic alcoholics among you...

One of the disputed signs of alcoholism is more than a drink a day until you get the giggles and start projecting your inner angst as foul-mouthed tirades like a child having a tantrum.

Perhaps the worse thing than this are blackouts during which the chronic alcoholic harms other people yet has no memory of it when sober.

Basically chronic alcoholism leads to a psychosis named for the doctor that described it in detail and what is called "wet brain".

Even though booze is legal, overindulging in drink is known to damage your brain by depleting your body of health in order to ensure that you die very slowly of poisoning caused by alcohol.

One of the signs of such alcoholism is the psychotic rage with a wide range of emotions from melancholy to mania, complete with raging anger to giggly glee. This is what is known as the mean drunk as opposed to the hilarious life of the party drunk. While the sober person is unlikely to encounter harm from the latter, the main harm from the mean drunk consists of gaslighting by an experienced narcissist whose sole means of existence is to make your life hell for daring to ignore his constant need of attention. If he could make you question your sanity, then he is WINNING.

In short, the mean drunk will never strike the first blow but by all intents, tries to goad you into attacking him. While this tactic always works with the drunk people, it never works with trained professionals who have to deal with them day in and day out. This includes temporary shelter workers at homeless shelters and associated building attendant staff and the rare security staff.

If you want to avoid the embarrassment of falling before your pride, then taper down your drinking consumption. Otherwise, you are destined for homelessness or the other forms of self-induced hell the foolish pride themselves in making.




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