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Anonymous Fingered the Wrong Guy (satire)

In the online lynch mob rush to get the online blackmailer of #AmandaTodd back in 2012 Anonymous got a bum tip, possibly by the real culprit or one of his associates.

Unfortunately, before verifying facts, Anonymous dished up the dirt on the alleged "blackmailer."

I present this piece of evidence as the reason why the police never charged him: he might be one of their "informants".

Quite possibly, the real blackmailer gave false info to Amanda when she was hunting him down in 2010 with the aid of the Daily Capper.

The original DOB of the Kody Maxson given out by Anonymous was 1980. Location: New Westminster. Later they gave his DOB as 1993 without a location. That information is available on the Internet.

This implies that either Kody Maxson lied about his age and location or his rival did. If his rival did, then the coincidental criminal case against Maxson may have been a false flag to throw off anyone on his case.

This includes skipping the country to throw Anonymous off his trail, though his Facebook information could be a lie. This information is also on the Internet, on his original Facebook account, but most people on Facebook lie about their current locations to throw off cyber-stalkers.

However, it is still likely Kody Maxson was one of three cappers, two of them blackmailers on the Daily Capper who started this all in the beginning. One of them is Viper but the location and address are incorrect. He also is not a blackmailer, which explains why Kody had a falling out with him. If Kody is innocent, then it could be his rival r0. Otherwise, Kody is guilty, which is evident by him having skipped bail to avoid questioning.

As of January 2013, Kody Maxson is at large, at least until the police catch up to him and return him to Surrey Court House. A lovely place. Ground floor has a nice lobby off the north main entrance. To your left, you can file an appeal, a civil case, a criminal case or even file against transit offenses. At the staircase to your right is the side entrance which is only open during business hours. On the basement level and ground level are the courts and the Crown Counsel and Defence offices for the lawyers. Below this basement is the holding area which leads to a long tunnel underground to Surrey Pre-trail Centre aka "Jail". As a security measure to prevent prisoners from escaping, the tunnel was built when both the Court House and Jail were constructed.

Now I present the evidence that proves Kody Maxson did not stalk Amanda Todd.

After absconding from the law for an unrelated crime involving theft under $5,000 he was detained on or before August 21, 2013 and brought before a judge from out of province for violating his probation order before sentencing. There is no record of sentencing since the value of the theft was so low that he was able to lie low between December of the previous year and August.

As of September 24, 2013, Kody Maxson is on a 12-month probation as summary conviction for theft under $5,000. During this time, he is to report to his probation officer.

Yet he never was charged with Amanda Todd's cyberstalking because it's all a lie. She made it up after going on the Daily Capper and saying that she has a stalker who forwarded all the pictures and videos to her Facebook account followers. This was because she was caught by both her mother and the police.

Nothing is true. None of it.

Amanda Todd was never cyberstalked before she flashed. She flashed on the Daily Capper under numerous aliases, reveling in the attention. Yet the capper grew bored. Someone, maybe r0, wanted a private session but she refused. That's what led to the postings to Facebook.

Now today, we are all party to the lie when we create an anti-cyberbullying act in Canada that is the memory of Amanda Todd.

For the Amanda Todd cyberstalking case is a fraud and a scandal!


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Philip Rose said...

Thanks for the mention. btw - Geissell Morall is just an idiot. Enigmahood and her made the entire story up to gain traffic to his dumb YouTube channel.