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Why Amanda Todd Killed Herself (satire)

this article isn't for the formalism of a normal article. so i'm not going to capitalize the appropriate words for the politically correct people.

anyway, i have sided with both parties in this tragic series of events. it was a teen suicide, which is a rising statistic among teens today, mainly due to unhealthy practices of self esteem raising in the public education system without the necessary checks and balances of exposing children to a wide range of ages in school.

all we do to children is raise them to be compliant workers, nothing more.

having said this, i don't believe public education is broken. i believe the government has broken it for us. with the incessant drive to make money, we are forgetting key values that my generation and the generations before it taught but that the modern world mocks.

this is also why more seniors are also committing suicide at growing rates too. all an old person has to do to die early is to be subject to care in an elderly care facility, and subject to chemical restraints for dementia when the best relief for dementia is daily exercise and the feeling of being useful in a society that focuses unhealthily on youth.

which brings us to Amanda Todd, the poster girl of online bullying, cyberstalking, and other maladies within this youth culture today.

last year we slut shamed miley cyrus, that irish girl, and amanda todd, among many other girls too numerous to name.

i don't have any respect for the shamers and the haters. you take your morally high ground today, but yesterday you might have been surfing for porn.


i could think of many reasons why amanda todd killed herself: the wrong people were paying attention to her, the cretins who mocked her and goaded her into killing herself, the perverts who wanted to have sex with her, and especially of all the lack of quality time with parents in an intact family.

however blame never solves anything. this is why the kody maxson outing as her so-called tormenter is off the mark. the real culprit is everyone who wished amanda would pick a better bleach next time.

people who want kids, before you even have one, remember this:

the internet will never be a safe place until you daily live the moral values you want your future children to have. so if you're a mouth breather on the Daily Capper, watching the crap on cameracapper, then i urge you, don't have kids. if you do, sell your computer.

over the years i have been many youtube account go stagnant when a pervert has scared a kid off the site. why? she's in grade school but she looks and acts 18.

all you perverts do is ruin the internet. without self control, all you have is your internet.

i pity you because without the internet you are nothing, a nobody, a bunch of people who would watch a person drown instead of saving her, because that's what you did from 2010 to 2012 as you watched this tragedy unfold and refused to help because nobody wants to be a hero or a blackmailer.

of course, given that the NSA is monitoring the Internet, and the FBI too, i wonder if the real reason why capping isn't exposed is because they are gathering evidence right now as we speak.

i supposed that's why nobody discusses it on googeplus. instead,everyone patted themselves on the back for stopping bullying.

out of all the kids that detest the bullying of amanda todd, few of them are brave enough to start an anti-bullying club in their school. that's because they're trained to be an audience, not a participant in society. public education has serve us so well.

what does that say about public education today?

me, i think the best role model for young girls online is not amanda todd, it's the porn star at duke university. at least, she's not drinking bleach, slitting her wrists or hanging herself.

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