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L'ouverture / The Opening (poem)

Dans la louange de Dieu,
le Tout Miséricordieux,
le Très Miséricordieux.

Toutes les louanges sont à Dieu,
Seigneur des mondes -
le Tout Miséricordieux,
le Très Miséricordieux,
Maître du Jour de la Rétribution.
C'est vous que nous adorons et vous,
nous demander de l'aide.

Guide-nous dans le droit chemin -
le chemin de ceux que Tu as comblés faveur,
pas de ceux qui ont évoqué la colère
ou ceux qui sont égarés.

Quran en Francais, Sura 1

This is the Saheeh Translation of the Koran.

I chose French because, despite the Islamophobes there, the Muslims are protected by French law. As long as the Muslims moderate Islam with French assimilation, they are treated like any other Francophone, up to a point. However, the State is not so kindly.

As well, there appears to be some ghettoization which is the usual European response to foreigners. While in the Middle East assassinations of Americans and other foreigners was common in Lebanon during the Civil War, it was Syria's dominance of Lebanon that saw criminals of Syrian extraction oppress the Lebanese from the 1970s until 2005.

Syria is in civil war because the elite are corrupt Alawite Shi'a who aligned themselves to Iran. All Hezbollah is are a bunch of thugs who pervert the Koran.

I wrote the poem in French because the French were the last ones to attempt destablization of Arabian land after the Ottoman Empire collapsed after 1918.

However, it is the combination of English and French colonialism that led to England coming up with the Balfour declaration that led to Jewish terrorism in the Levant and the eventual founding of Israel with US backing.

America is complicit in this failed promise by the British. In helping the Saudis arise in power by paying them US dollars for oil, she is complicit in the corruption of the Saudi elites in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and elsewhere in the world.

Iraq fell to Baathists due to the unwillingness of the English to protect the Hashemite king of Iraq, though it was the influx of Lebanese and Syrian government officials that led to that revolt.

Of all the kingdoms, it is Jordan that has the last remnants of Mohammad's descendants ruling a nation that is pro-American and actually serves as a shining example of keeping religion and politics separate, unlike Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

Second to this, Lebanon used to be an example of Arabs, Christian, Druze, and Muslims alike working together in a cosmopolitan nation until Syria's elite morphed their fear of their peaceful existence as intrigue while Syria was plagued by military coups due to pan-Arab nationalism. Now pan-Muslim nationalism threatens them.

Indeed, pan-Muslim nationalism and the Khalifa movement in Arab circles is the new threat to Western interests.

A look at Pakistan shows us how Sharia works: Swat valley is under Sharia law due to the dominance of Taleban. Their apologists accuse the schoolgirl Malala and her family of co-opting with the CIA. The truth is, the BBC offered her a blogging position. This conspiracy theory that the CIA promote intrigue in this way is merely a cover for Arabic paranoia of the West and a hatred for America due to the failure of the British to honour their promise to the Hashemites.

Al Qaeda and their comrades the Taleban, and all their Islamist admirers and wannabes are due to pan-Muslim nationalism and their wish for the rise of a Caliphate under Sharia law. Yet America also supports this too.

Why? Because the best way to keep the Middle East in thrall is to distract people from peace, and an endless war scenario promised by the pan-Muslim nationalists who are terrorists, criminals and anti-Islam fits into American dominance of the Middle East.

All the Ukraine situation is sabre shaking. War there would only distract from America's mission: to indirectly support the terrorists where need be (Syria) and to launch drone attacks in Pakistan to ensure in the instability of that nation, all in the name of war.

In some ways, Assad is like Suharto of Indonesia before he fell. Corruption like that, Americans can rightly blame Iran. However, the nuclear problem there is also the fault of America, the result of karma for supporting the corrupt regime of the Shah of Iran. I bet no one saw the revolution there coming.

However it is precisely because of conspiracy theory that the hardliners in Iran are anti-American and anti-West. For the EU has yet to apologize for the former colonial powers of France, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Portugal and their complicity in the problems their former colonies have faced. This includes the Rwanda and Congo problem, which also is orchestrated by American interests due to rare-earth mines that the West needs to make smartphones and other technology like LED TVs.

Thus the first chapter of the Koran is a fitting reminder to teach us about humility. Only the atheists would scorn this. Their ignorance empowers the socialists whose view of history ignores religion's role in it. That is how propaganda arises: by filtering out from history all the key players you don't agree with.

If this sounds like I am sympathetic to Muslims, then I admit to that. However, al Qaeda and Taleban aren't true Muslims. They are almost like Republicans who pray but promote Islamophobia. No, actually they are worse than Republicans. And that is only because they are still free to strike terror in the hearts of everyone who truly believes in freedom.

This includes the freedom of religion, which Sharia is not.

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