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OPEC Funded 9/11 (satire)

Most likely, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia funded 9/11. However, none of the terrorists are Muslim. al Qaeda is not a Muslim terrorist organization. They twist Islam into political ideology. That is not Islam.

Therefore Muslim terrorists did not cause 9-11. That is a simplification of facts that leads to Islamophobia. It is easier to say "Muslim terrorist" than "terrorists who twist Islam into their ideology.

We have no proof any of the terrorists were Muslim, except their names. However, mixing Islam with terrorism does not make that terrorism Muslim. It just makes it simple for mainstream media to say.

My guess is, 9-11 happened to keep oil prices high. It was OPEC sending a message: "Do not lower the price of oil."

So, yes I am saying most American soldiers killed in Afghanistan and in Iraq died so that Big Oil can reap profits from oil. This was not a war to free Afghans and Iraqis. This was an oil war.

The continuing War on Terror is merely removing unnecessary assets from the scene.

Just remember this when you are gassing up your SUB at the pump: you are supporting al Qaeda fighting in Syria. However, you are first supporting OPEC and its role in 911. Finally you are also supporting the War on Terror.

Then forget what I wrote.


Bush knew about Saudi Arabia funding 9-11 plot and allowed it to go ahead:

Iraq was actually invaded for its oil:

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