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Could Meditation Save Celebrities? (satire)

Christianity has not kept either Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber on the straight and narrow, due to the fallacy of good and evil as pre-existing humanity both of which were reified into God and Satan.

Yes, I am suggesting that belief in God suggests belief in Satan, and am also suggesting that satan subtly influences Christians to sin. Hence the drug abuse by both stars.

Might I suggest both Justin and Selena try more meditation on Bible scripture instead of merely praying?

Hey, it worked for Leonard Cohen, who kicked his drug addiction with meditation.

No, I am not suggesting any celebrity convert to Buddhism. Meditation is not Buddhism. However, meditation works.

Selena Gomez particularly needs to spend six weeks in rehab. Two weeks does not cut it.

In my opinion, Justin Bieber will not enter rehab for a long time, since his brand of Christianity appeals to narcissists, including his mother, who recently filmed an anti-abortion movie in order to promote the idea that abortions prevent the birth of tomorrow's celebrities and other Christians, and thus is a sin.

I believe that abortion is preferable if the girl is underaged and immature. It is obvious that Justin's mother was not underaged at 17 but Jeremy Bieber was too egotistical and a subtle narcissist. His arrest record seems to prove that. I make this conclusion because he and Justin's mother never married. Instead, he found a woman who was less head-strong than Justin's mom.

My suspicion is that narcissism fuels these celebrities' addiction. It is reported that Selena Gomez's competitiveness led to her outdrinking and out-toking the Bieb, though it was Justin who pressured her to try weed.

So I propose a better solution to the drug addiction plaguing both celebrities: learn to meditate. It will settle you both down.

It is also safer than Scientology.

My own exposure to Buddhism and especially meditation helped me to understand that when ego is in control, the root of addiction is created. Meditation works by helping the meditator to be in control of his ego, lest addictions arise and destroy him.

Meditation also helped me to understand why Christianity will not prevent addiction, since the root of the problem caused when Christians abuse children is due to the ego being in control.

However, I am not suggesting that the ego is satanic. Rather, an untrained mind cannot control ego. Hence, meditation works because it puts the mind in control of the ego, rather than letting the ego control the mind.

Additionally, because meditation is not a religion, meditative practice (mindfulness) is useful to all faiths. YMMV

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