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The Dharma of Prajna (poem)

Hui Neng said:

People under illusion recite
the 'Mahaprajnaparamita'
with their tongues, and
while they are reciting it,
erroneous and evil thoughts arise.
But if they put it
into practice unremittingly,
they realize its 'true nature'.
To know this Dharma is
to know the Dharma of Prajna,
and to practice this is
to practice Prajna.
He who does not practice it
is an ordinary man.
He who directs his mind to
practice it even for one moment
is the equal of Buddha.
For ordinary man is Buddha,
and defilement is enlightenment.
A foolish passing thought
makes one an ordinary man,
while an enlightened second thought
makes one a Buddha.
A passing thought that clings
to sense-objects is defilement,
while a second thought that frees one
from attachment is enlightenment.

Originally posted: January 20, 2013 9:19 PM


Prajna == spiritual wisdom

Hui Neng:

Sutra of Hui Neng:


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